Overcoming the paralysis of analysis

M.J. Ryan offers breakthrough insights into the process of change in "This Year I Will…" She notes that most of us get stuck in the whys of change, by asking such questions as: Why haven't I been able to do this? Why do I procrastinate? Why don’t I pursue my dream? Asking why actually keeps us from the change we want, notes Ryan, because it engages our left brain, which is designed for data collection, not problem solving.

To stimulate creative thinking, Ryan suggests that we switch to what questions: What do I need to do now? What is my next step? What would make this goal possible? This engages our right brain, which is energized by newness and loves to produce novel possibilities. Our right brain is ready and willing to help.

If you want to change a habit, keep a resolution, or make a dream come true, this is the book to read!

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