Crying over spilt milk

OK, I admit I'm touchy about this subject: the new, square milk jugs. I loved them from the moment I saw them at Costco. I appreciate their space saving design, as well as the milk's fresher taste (it reaches the market a day sooner from the dairy). Apparently, some people dislike the new jug, because they say it spills too easily. I think it's simply resistance to change.
With the following information, liberally quoted from today's NY Times, I rest my case:

"[t]he shape of old-fashioned milk jugs prohibits stacking them atop one another. The [milk]crates take up a lot of room, they are unwieldy to move, and extra space must be left in delivery trucks to take empty ones back from stores to the dairy... About 100,000 gallons of water a day are used at his dairy to clean the crates, Mr. Soehnlen said.
"But with the new jugs, the milk crates are gone. Instead, a machine stacks the jugs, with cardboard sheets between layers. Then the entire pallet, four layers high, is shrink-wrapped and moved with a forklift.
"The company estimates this kind of shipping has cut labor by half and water use by 60 to 70 percent. More gallons fit on a truck and in Sam’s Club coolers, and no empty crates need to be picked up, reducing trips to each Sam’s Club store to two a week, from five — a big fuel savings. Also, Sam’s Club can now store 224 gallons of milk in its coolers, in the same space that used to hold 80."

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