Swept away

A record shattering flood in Iowa?! In Iowa City, where I have hotel reservations (one block from the Hardee's above) tomorrow night and all next week?! I am stunned as well as disappointed. I’ve been looking forward to this trip, this time away, this opportunity to attend a University of Iowa writers workshop since March. But what’s my disappointment compared to what Iowans are experiencing?
Before canceling my airline reservation to Cedar Rapids, I searched the Internet for a disaster response team, thinking I could volunteer counseling skills or manual labor, but nothing’s been pulled together yet. First comes rescue and recovery. The University is closed until June 29, possibly later. They're now building sandbag barriers against the Iowa River, which won't crest until late Monday or early Tuesday.
A flood in Iowa? How can that be? Eight inches of rain have fallen. It was a wet spring, and the ground was saturated. Thunderstorms are predicted again tonight and tomorrow.

photos by Dave Schwarz