Maggie (aka Magpie, Buttercup, Sweet Potato Pie, Magnolia, Lotus Blossom, Wiggle Worm)

Maggie, our intrepid swimmer, who's built as solid as a gymnastic vault, is having surgery this morning. (So, please, say a prayer for her and for her surgeon, Dr. John.) She ruptured the cruciate ligament in her right leg and will be walking on three paws for the next two weeks. Then, it's leash-only activity for 6 weeks. All of which is difficult to imagine, because Maggie has been "strong like bull" since she was a puppy. It's painful to see her so vulnerable.

photo: mkbilyk


Vicki said...

Many prayers said for you today Maggie. Hope all went well.

sher said...

OHHHHH my sweet Maggie Waggie! Too much hard playing? Constant buttercup prayers. She will be fine. It is hard to see them go though something like this. It will be ok. Sher