Be not afraid

I’m in the barn feeding Fluffy when I sense another presence, a movement in the shadows. A raccoon? Opossum? I roll the door open and wait for my eyes to adjust. There it is again, only closer. Black. Sleek. A cat bigger than Fluffy or Ally.
“He’s big, “ I say to Ed. “I’m afraid he’ll run our cats off the property.”
“You catch him,” he says, “Harold and I will take care of it.”
I place cat food in a carrier and set it on the floor. The menacing feral saunters in. This is one cool cat.
Ed and Harold put the carrier in the truck and do what others have done before them. They drop the cat at a neighbor’s barnyard four miles down the road.
Two days later the cat is back.
Fluffy and Ally adore him.
So does Ed.
We've named him Cooper.

photo: mkbilyk

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