Food for Thought III

Now that we know what Michael Phelps has for breakfast (three fried-egg sandwiches with cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, fried onions and mayonnaise; two cups of coffee, a 5-egg omelet, oatmeal, three slices of French toast and three chocolate chip pancakes), I wish someone would tell us what he listens to on his iPod before a race. Heavy metal? A personal mantra? I suppose it’s whatever helps him focus while stressed. ***
Focus. Commitment. Discipline. All necessary to be a champion swimmer. Also appropriate for one’s spiritual journey.
Focus on the now: Those who focus on the past tend toward depression and/or resentment. Those who focus on the future tend toward anxiety and control. Being fully present to what’s happening in the moment gets us out of our heads and into life as it presents itself.
Commitment to being teachable: Letting go of knowing it all, accepting that “my way” doesn’t mean the “right way” (maybe there isn’t one); stepping out of a comfortable, personal point of view in order to see things differently.
Discipline. Ritual. Practice (any of these): 12 steps; meditation; yoga; prayer; meeting with a therapist or spiritual director; reading; art; volunteering; contributing to someone else’s well-being with no expectation of personal gain; worship. Don't forget to balance it all out with play (yes, play, that goofy, mindless, no goal fun stuff).

***Update 8/17: he listens to hip hop & rap
photo: Linda Nylind

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