On radical acceptance

Persons wiser than I have noted that when we are ready to learn, the teacher will come.
I learned this week that I can still get stuck in a place called shouldn't be, if I perceive a situation as hurtful to someone else or to me. Shouldn't be is a space of frustration, exasperation, anxiety, or occasional despair. It is reactionary. A refusal to accept reality as is.
I know better. Or at least I thought I did. Until I heard myself -- through another's imagined ears --distraught with shouldn't be. It was an aha! moment.
No doubt shouldn't be will rear its ugly, dissatisfying head again. But I might just catch myself as the should-d-d-d-d starts. And, I hope, stop.
Radical acceptance.
Being open to life as it presents itself.
Maybe, just maybe, I'm learning to live.

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