Beatitudes for Caregivers

Blessed are those who care and who are not afraid to show it —
they will let people know they are loved.

Blessed are those who are gentle and patient —
they will help people to grow as the sun helps the buds
to open and blossom.

Blessed are those who have the ability to listen —
they will lighten many a burden.

Blessed are those who know how and when to let go —
they will have the joy of seeing people find themselves.

Blessed are those who, when nothing can be done or said,
do not walk away,
but remain to provide a comforting and supportive presence —
they will help the sufferer to bear the unbearable.

Blessed are those who recognize their own need to receive,
and who receive with graciousness —
they will be able to give all the better.

Blessed are those who give without hope of return —
they will give people an experience of God.

Author unknown

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