New beginnings

From one of my favorite bloggers, a minister in Canada

Thank you America. You have given us reason to believe in you again - many of us had forgotten we actually want to do that. We never really wanted to hate you but after 8 years of George Bush, we were drifting in that direction. We didn’t want to write you off, but you seemed somehow unable to withstand the pull of theocracy and idiocy, so we found ourselves doing just that. Last night you gave reason to believe in you once again, you reminded us of the best in you, your vision, your courage, your willingness to change. You gave us reason to believe in politics again, and, God knows, our own election here failed miserably in that regard. We’re sorry for our smugness, it was, we recognize now, uncalled for, unhelpful and just plain wrong.
Thank you for proving that just because something looks quite impossible, nothing ever is. The triumph of improbability over predictability shows us that God has not abandoned the people, not your people, not ours, for, in the end, we’re all Hers. Good on you. Welcome back,…we missed you.
No, wait, that’s wrong, it’s not back. Nothing about this is back. Thanks for taking the lead here, America, stepping out into a new land, a new time, a new hope. Thanks for giving us all a parable that’ll come to mind whenever the situation looks so bleak, so pernicious that we’re tempted to give up. Though inevitably “yes we can” will be so overused that it will become banal, a memory will persist, a memory of a time when in the most dire of circumstances a young man could defy common sense and stand up and lead in a chorus of ‘yes we can’. . . and sometimes, it really does happen. Thanks again. With best regards, from a repentant Canadian cynic, and all the rest of us.

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