I am enjoying the lightness of being that comes from giving things away. It's fun to hunt through cupboards, the attic, and basement for at least one thing to give away each day. The local library accepts magazines for recycling. (Bye-bye stacks of Real Simple and Vanity Fair.) There's the Knowlton Thrift Shop and the rag bin at the Shell station. The squirrels whose acorn supply this year mysteriously disappeared got walnuts-in-the-shell from the pantry, and the deer have been feasting on pita bread from the freezer. Yesterday I left a book in my neighbor's mailbox. Today I plan to mail a ceramic hair iron to my great-niece in Cleveland. Then there's a sweater to give to my nephew's wife, a scarf to offer to the friend who fancies it...

PS: Check out, a non-profit organization that recycles gently worn shoes, sandals and boots.

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