Son of God

This portrait of Jesus was created by producers of the BBC program "Son of God," who took into account medical, archeological, and historical evidence from the time of Jesus. They worked with a 1st-century male skull found in Israel.
Using a plaster cast of the skull, forensic medical artist Richard Neave [University of Manchester] reconstructed the face by building up layers of clay to represent muscle, fat and skin. Details such as the hair were decided by considering the hair of men in the Middle East, which tends to be thick, dark and curly, together with hairstyles current in the time of Jesus. The final image of Christ’s head was produced as a 3D computer model.

In reconstructing this head, we are not claiming that this is exactly Jesus’ face, but we are trying to counteract all of those bad images of blond-haired, blue-eyed Jesuses running around in Hollywood productions.” - Joe Zias, Israeli archaeologist


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