New Life out of Chaos

These tiny raspberry blossoms are on their way to becoming red berries, a miracle, given what happened last spring.  Our seventeen year-old neighbor, newly hired by my husband to do yard work, weed-whacked his way through our berry patch. When he was finished, not a twig stood standing.  I was devastated.

I’d carefully planted the berry patch last spring, root stem by root stem, and I’d checked on them daily, rejoicing at their growth.  They were about to blossom when our neighbor decided they looked like multifloral rose, a virulent creeper, and cut them down.  In my angry grief, I imagined they would never grow back. 

I’d forgotten that God creates new life out of chaos.

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kat evans said...

Hello Marcia! I can only imagine
how you felt! It was like when
the maintenance went through and
weed whacked all the lovely clovers!
Only now am I starting to see some
of them pushing themselves back out
again. Lovely photo and I'm SO
glad you found me! I will make
sure to stop back by! :)