Moments of bliss

Ed and I took the dogs for a swim last night at our neighbor’s pond. We were relieved to discover that a recent rainstorm had purged the pond of its smelly green scum.  The dogs, who’d slept most of the day in our air-conditioned living room, launched themselves into the water and paddled in pursuit of trout.

I photographed Maggie when she exited the pond and had what Ed and I call one of her "moments of bliss.”  Maggie dropped onto the ground, rolled over onto her back –- legs and feet thrust upward -- and rubbed her torso and head on the coarse grass, mouth open, gasping with pleasure.  Her moments of bliss can border on erotic.

A few hours after I posted the above photo on Flickr, a friend wrote that he wished his neighbor had a pond. 

My friend’s comment helped me to see that I’ve been taking that beautiful pond and our many wonderful experiences there for granted.  Over time I’ve lost my sense of gratitude for the owner’s willingness to let Ed and me visit with our dogs. 

I hope I’ll continue to notice what I’ve been taking for granted in my life.

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