Imago: psych., an often idealized image of a person formed in childhood and persisting unconsciously into adulthood.

I was wearing chubby-sized clothing when I first got my Barbie. Though Barbie was more lifelike than any other doll I'd ever had, I didn't covet her long legs and cone-shaped breasts.  I was realistic enough to know they were outside my realm of possibility.  I did pour over any catalogue that featured her trademark clothes, and I purchased items that spoke to my fashion sensibilities.

Recently I took Barbie out of the black travel case that's sat on a shelf in my clothes closet since my husband and I moved into our present home twenty years ago. I perched Barbie on a book shelf in my office for a photo shoot.

Later I looked through the clothes that were stored in Barbie's travel case.  I found her signature strapless, black & white striped one-piece bathing suit; a soft coral kitchen apron and puffy white chef hat; and a deep red business suit.  The suit's pencil skirt falls just below Barbie's knees.  Its boxy, short-waisted jacket has no collar or closures.  The jacket's style is identical to several jackets I've owned and worn over the years.

Hmmm.  Maybe Barbie had more of an influence on me than I imagined.

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