The Courage to Change

So often in our willingness to surrender, to hand things over to God, we forget that we also prayed for "the courage to change the things that we can."  Who doesn't want God to step in, to wave some kind of supranatural wand and have the source of our disquiet disappear? It's so much easier than doing the hard work that transforms change from a prayer into a reality.

Change calls us to move from where we are, from where we've been hiding, from where we've felt most comfortable. For some, it may mean speaking up for the first time on behalf of ourselves, or stop trying to "make peace," or walking away. For others, it may mean stepping into a space that feels very, very uncomfortable.  We forget that God, bent down on one knee -- like an encouraging, loving parent -- arms stretched out toward us, is calling us forward. Only we can move our feet.

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Justine said...

thoughts to live by for me next week