The Mystery that's God

It seems the more I think, pray, study and experience,
the more unknowable God becomes. This, I suppose, is
what is meant by the mystery of God. I love that God is 
so much more than I’ll ever be able to comprehend. Yet 
it’s frustrating for someone like me -- who loves to figure 
things out, to have things add up and make sense -- that 
I’ll never know God completely.

Whenever I think I’ve gotten a “fix” on God, whenever 
I begin to think or believe I know what God is up to, God 
throws me a curveball, cautioning me that I'm becoming
a spiritual know-it-all. 

So it's out of necessity, as well as choice, that I turn to 
Jesus for help in connecting with the Great Unknown. 
I listen to what he has to say about God, I relate to his 
struggle to discern God’s will, and I learn the wisdom 
of humility: to surrender without knowing the outcome.

Such is the spiritual life. 

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